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I am an assistant professor at the Poznan University of Technology at the Institute of Computing Science in the Laboratory of Algorithm Design and Programming Systems working in the bioinformatics group. I defended my MSc thesis in 2008 and PhD dissertation in 2013. Currently I am the PI of the project “Optilion - platform for continuous evaluation of optimization algorithms” run under the LIDER Programme awarded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development.

My research interests include mainly:

  • Agent based modelling in biology, especially in systems biology. I used this technique to model viral infections (mostly HCV), CRISPR-Cas interactions between bacteria and viruses and RNA World hypothesis, among others.
  • Crowdsourcing and cloud computing in scientific applications. I am the author of crowdsourced serious game that can be used to crowdsource creation of mathematical models and I am working on the system for crowdsourcing the process of designing optimization algorithms.
  • Application of Controlled Natural Languages in biological modelling as a tool enhancing communication between experts.

During my scientific work I visited several European universities, among others, University of Nottingham (4 months), University of Luxembourg (2 months), Imperial Collage London (several weekly visits) and University of Stirling (2 weeks). In 2014 for my scientific achievements I was awarded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

At the university I am also teaching subjects related to algorithms and programming. For many years I have been assisting in organizing Polish Olympiad in Informatics events, including international events and regional events for high school students. I have also organized many algorithmic contests for students at my university and I am a coach of student teams that participate in such contests.