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The Images

Use the Template:Figure template at the beginning of each figure. Figures must be manually numbered. Automatically numbering figures sequentially would require a plugin to the page renderer, like for references.

The template can take a single parameter, giving the figure number. This must be unique. With a single parameter, the template will render as "Figure X." The second parameter allows this to be changed to arbitrary text.

The references

Figures are referenced with the Template:See Figure template. It takes one or two parameters: the figure number, and an optional text to be displayed. The default is 'figure X'.

Code Result
(see {{See Figure|1}}) (see figure 1)
see {{See Figure|2|the figure on CP evolution}}. see the figure on CP evolution.

Avoid spaces around the figure number, as this will mess up the link.


Figure 1. This is the first figure. It was numbered with {{Figure|1}}. Internally, it will have the id "fig1". IDs should be unique.
Fig 2. This is the second figure. It was numbered with {{Figure|2|Fig 2}}. It will have the id "fig2".


Tables can be added using the Template:Table and Template:See Table templates. They take the same parameters as Figure. See table 1 for an example.

Table 1. This is a table!
Name Height
Shaq Super Tall
Tom Cruise Short
Me Above average