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{{{first}}} {{{last}}}
About the Authors 


This template defines the authors of an article, as is typical for a journal article. Note that additional users may have contributed to the finished product. All changes can be viewed in the article history, and the cited authors may choose to include an acknowledgements section separate from this template.

Once published, addition of the |doi= parameter will add the {{Published}} header template.


| first1       = James 
| last1        = Kirk 
| department1  = Starfleet 
| institution1 = United Federation of Planets 
| address1     = 001 Bridge, Starship Enterprise, Deep Space Sector 
| username1    = User:James T Kirk 
| orcid1       = 0000-0000-0000-0001

| doi          = 10.1371/journal.pcbi.0000001
| wp           = Vulcan (Star Trek planet)


This template allows up to 9 authors. All authors have the following parameters, where 'X' can be a number 1-9.

Parameter Description
firstX first name or initials
lastX last name
departmentX Department
institutionX University or corporation
addressX Address of institution
usernameX The user page of this author, including the User: prefix
orcidX ORCID of the author
doi doi of article (once published)
wp Corresponding Wikipedia page (once published)

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