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Initial editorial comments

Thank you for the submission. I shall begin arranging the peer review. In the meantime, there are a few minor edits I'd like to request:

  • There are some terms that I think might warrant hyperlinking the first time they're used (e.g. GWAS, C57BL/6, phenotype, principal component)
  • Could you check that the figure numbers that I've added are correct (the journal version will have figure numbers, but the Wikipedia version will not, e.g. wp:Circular_permutation_in_proteins)
  • There are 7 figures, but references to figures up to Fig 13.
  • Table 1 appears to be missing
  • Similarly, one equation is numbered, but other are not, or referred to as "equation (NEW NUMBER)". Ideally all equations should be unnumbered (see Cooperative_binding example)
  • Figure 5 appears to be missing a legend
  • In general, topic page articles are more highly referenced than typical reviews. In particular, most paragraphs should cite a supporting source, even if the same sources end up reused multiple times.
    • The "cite" button should have an option to reuse existing references, or they can be copy-pasted in "edit" mode.
  • There are some duplicated sentences, e.g. "Many approaches have been developed to improve the efficiency of mixed models, including the methods Fast-LMM [1] and GEMMA [2]. More recently, a method called BOLT-LMM [3] was developed for scaling analyses to handle cohorts in the hundreds of thousands of individuals."
  • I've done some copyedits of the headings, figure sizes, and references (see diffs here). Please check whether you are happy with them, and revert anything you disagree with.

T Shafee (talk) 04:52, 24 October 2017 (PDT)