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Instructions: The Current News section is displayed on the main page. It should be limited to the most recent three items. Previous items should be moved to the Archived section, sorted newest to oldest.

Appropriate news items include server outages, Topic Page ideas and publications, and other items of general interest to Topic Page authors.

Current News

2021-01-05 Chemical graph generators was published
2020-09-04 Dicke model was published - the first for PLOS ONE!
2019-05-23 De Novo Gene Birth was published
2019-01-04 PLOS ONE publishes a blog post to announce they're also joining in with Topic Pages, with an initial focus on physics.

Archived News

2018-11-15 Selfish genetic elements was published - the first for PLOS Genetics!|2017-05-17
Transcriptomics technologies was published.
2017-04-12 PLOS Genetics published a blog post announcing that the Topic Pages model is being expanded to cover topics in genetics.
2017-01-19 The site is newly updated! Most notably, the Visual Editor is now enabled for easier editing. Pubmed citations should be considerably faster too, and equations might look better if your browser supports MathML.
2016-07-22 Ancestral reconstruction was published on July 12! Congrats to Jeffrey, Richard, Rosemary, T. Nguyen, and Art for their hard work! Also congrats to Natalia, Szymon, and Jacek for Hypercycle back in April [1]. Sorry for the lack of announcement!
2016-07-12 The most recent mediawiki update broke a few things. If you have trouble registering or editing pages, please email us.
2015-10-22 The site has been migrated to and is now fully hosted by PLOS. Thanks to the RCSB for providing hosting in the past! Please update your bookmarks with the new URL!
2015-06-13 Sorry for the recent downtime! If you still have problems, try this alternate URL:
2015-05-28 Inferring horizontal gene transfer was published this week! Congrats to Matt, Nives, Florent and Christophe for their hard work! See also this blog post for background.
2014-09-25 Multi-state modeling of biomolecules was published this week! Congrats to Melanie, Thomas, Terrence and Mary for their hard work! On that occasion, PLOS Computational Biology launched its Topic Pages collection.
2014-03-28 A case study of PLOS CB's Topic Pages has been published on the Jisc blog.
2014-02-27 You can familiarize yourself with PLOS Comp Biol's privacy policy and terms of service using the links in the footer.
2013-12-05 Flow cytometry bioinformatics was published this week![2] Congrats to Kieran, Nima, Josef and Ryan for their hard work!
2013-07-21 Attendees of ISMB/ECCB 2013 in Berlin should drop by the PLOS booth to discuss Topic Pages!
2013-07-02 Cooperative Binding was published last week![3] Congrats to Melanie and Nicolas!
2013-04-24 Updated to MediaWiki 1.20.4! Leave a message for Spencer Bliven if anything broke.
2013-03-21 Viral phylodynamics was published this week![4] Congrats to Erik, Katia, and Trevor for their hard work!
2013-03-13 Evolving digital ecological networks has been published![5] Congrats to Miguel, Luis, Aaron, and Charles!
2013-01-18 Approximate Bayesian Computation was published last week![6] Congrats to Mikael, Alberto, Elina, Jukka, Matthieu, and Christophe on their hard work!
2012-11-27 User skins are now customizable! Besides changing colors and appearance, this can be used for custom scripts (for instance DYKcheck). See WP:SKIN for more info.
2012-10-23 SVG images should upload correctly. However, there is a known bug in the software to create thumbnails that sometimes leads to rendering glitches. If the SVG file looks fine but the PNG version looks bad, notify Spencer Bliven. Remember you can always upload images to Commons as long as you choose a CC-BY compatible license.
2012-10-17 There is a problem with creating thumbnails of SVG files on the new server. Images should still upload fine, but may display error text where the thumbnail should be. We're working on it.
2012-10-13 Migration successful! We're now running on much better server hardware and should consequently be very stable. Email Spencer Bliven if you notice any hiccups with the migration.
2012-10-09 The new servers are ready! We're still working out how to migrate the wiki without losing anything, but this should fix most of the recent downtime.
2012-09-21 We're seeing some hiccups with the server hardware this week, potentially related to unusually hot weather in San Diego.
2012-07-06 Spencer will be giving a talk about Topic Pages at BOSC/ISMB in Long Beach next week. If you're attending the meeting, stop by and say hello! PLoS will also be giving out T-shirts and promoting Topic Pages.
2012-06-25 Power was out for about 10 minutes today. Since it occurred during working hours we were able to bring the server back online promptly.
2012-06-15 Apologies for yet another power outage last Wednesday. On the bright side, new server hardware has arrived! A number of things need to be configured and tested, but after that we should have much better uptime.
2012-06-04 With the arrival of User:Xian, we now have 20 registered users! A warm welcome to all the new authors, and good luck on your topic pages!
2012-05-29 UCSD suffered a major power outage last Saturday, bringing down the server. Unfortunately, no one was around to restart it due to the holiday weekend. Apologies for the delay.
2012-05-15 Scientific American published an article yesterday about Topic Pages!
2012-05-15 The server is running again, after shutting down late last night. We're now making nightly backups of the wiki just in case.