How to find an article's quality rating

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Wikipedia articles are rated according to their Importance and Quality. Ratings are assigned by editor communities and updated as the article's contents change over time.

You can find an article's rating by clicking the "Talk" tab at the top of any Wikipedia page. There should be a box at the top summarising the article's rating according to different topics (e.g. Viral phylodynamics has ratings for computational biology, virology, evolutionary biology, and genetics).

An example rating for an article within the scope of WikiProject Genetics, as found on the article's "Talk" tab.

Alternatively, you can find a list of all articles in a given topic at this site.

Only Stub-class, Start-class, or entirely absent topics are eligible for PLOS Topic Page reviews, since they entirely replace any existing Wikipedia article. For a more detailed description of quality ratings, see this page.